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Welcome! My name is Matt Payne and I am a landscape, astrophotography, portrait and event photographer based in Portland, Oregon and a 5th generation native of Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have a unique vision for the world around us, cultivated over many years of hiking, mountaineering and wilderness exploration. I've climbed all of Colorado's 53 ranked 14,000 ft. mountains and over 80 of the highest 100 mountains in Colorado, which has provided me with incredible opportunities to witness some of most amazing wilderness on earth. I possess a natural curiosity and sensitivity to all of man and nature’s intertwined peculiarities and an insatiable thirst for knowledge and experience. My hope is that my life-long passion for the wilderness and exploration will continue to bring me to some of the world’s most amazing places so I can continue to share my vision of those places with the world. Through wilderness exploration I have developed a unique vision for the otherwise mundane in our day-to-day life. My hope is that my passion and dedication is clearly seen in my artistic work and is imparted to the viewers of my photographs. My work is often described as vibrant, evocative, and imaginative.