"F-Stop Collaborate and Listen"

Welcome to my podcast where I have amazing conversations the world's best landscape photographers! The format for the podcast is a relaxed conversation - we touch on all types of topics relating to landscape photography, including workflow, becoming a professional full-time photographer, social media, conservationism, the business of photography, finding motivation to shoot, and more. If you are a well-established landscape photographer and are interested in becoming a guest on the podcast, please reach out to me

The podcast is available on Itunes and on Stitcher as well. You can read more details about each podcast episode, including liner notes, links to topics discussed on the episode, and sample photographs from the artist on my blog posts about each episode.

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Here is a full listing of past guests and links to their episodes:

Episode # Guest Name
43 Bryan Swan
42 Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou
41 Eric Bennett
40 Alex Nail
39 Willie Huang
38 Randall J. Hodges
37 Gary Randall
36 Alexander Otto
35 Jack Brauer
34 Alexandre Deschaumes
33 Nick Page
32 Dan Ballard
31 David Swindler
30 Sean Bagshaw
28 + 29 Joshua Cripps
27 Sapna Reddy
26 Paul Rojas
25 Kane Engelbert
24 Nolan Nitschke
23 Dani Lefrançois
22 TJ Thorne
21 Wayne Pinkston
20 Erez Marom
19 Mike Sanchez
18 Cecil Whitt
17 Candace Dyar
16 Guy Tal
15 Mark Metternich
14 Hillary Younger
13 Dusty Doddridge
12 Alex Noriega
11 David Kingham & Jennifer Renwick
10 David Thompson
9 Chris Williams
8 Zachary Bright
7 Paul Zizka
6 Michael Bollino
5 Mike Taylor
4 Joshua Snow
3 Jon Secord
2 Erin Babnik
1 Kevin Shearer (apologies for the audio challenges, I promise the rest are good, audio-wise)

Special shout-out to my friend Nicole Buetti for allowing me to use her awesome musical composition for the intro and outro music on the podcast! Her work can be found on her website.