A showcase of my favorite night photography, featuring various photos of the Milky Way, stars, star trails and other astrophotography delights.
The Galaxy ruling over Mount SneffelsBone PortalNyctophiliaDwarfing the GrenadiersNankoweap at NightDreamworldin·fin·i·tes·i·malIsland Lake under the starsLos Pinos River at nightMilky Way arching over Mexican HatWisp me Away to Last Dollar RoadOur Galactic Core and Lizard Head Peakin·fin·i·tes·i·malThe Pedestal and the PendulumThe MindbenderMoonrise at Bisti BadlandsMilky Way over Lizard Head and TellurideTimeless OriginsStars over the GrenadiersMysterious Cascade Creek Falls

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