Matt Payne Photography | Big Naked Wall - Backlit LED Prints

I'm incredibly pleased to partner with the brilliantly named Big Naked Wall. Big Naked Wall is a revolutionary framing system that is easily shipped, assembled, and BACKLIT with an LED lighting system. Photographs suddenly explode with color and luminosity at the flip of a switch. Additional fabric prints can be easily swapped onto the frame in a matter of minutes keeping your space fresh and interesting. Most of my images are available, and I am happy to work with you to select the ones that undergo the most dramatic transformation when lit.  


Size Frame & Art Print Additional Photographic Canvases
24" x 36" $1,700 $500
30" x 40" $1,900 $500
20" x 40" $1,900 $500
40" x 80" $2,400 $800

To order - choose from this gallery or contact me.