Fall & Autumn Nature Photography Prints: Colorado Autumn And Fall Colors - 2022

My favorite subject to photograph is Colorado mountains in autumn and fall. There is something magical about the experiences that I have had while exploring Colorado when the golden yellow aspen trees begin to turn and snow kisses the mountain tops of my favorite 14ers. Every year since 2011, I have made a point to make multi-day journeys into the deepest areas of Colorado wilderness to create beautiful photographs. My attitude as a photographer is that the experience comes first and the rest will follow. This has been a powerful guide for my photography since 2017 and has enabled me to discover things about myself, about the landscape, and about nature that I would not have if I had a prescribed approach to checking off boxes of places to visit. I never know what I will come home with and my creativity flourishes in this method of capture.

In 2022, I visited many new locations and re-visited many familiar haunts. I hope that you enjoy the visual journey as much as I did creating the work seen here.

Each piece of art is hand-crafted using the highest quality printing materials available, including Fine Art TruLife Acrylic, Hot Press Fine Art Paper, and ChromaLuxe Metal. To learn more about my fine art nature prints and what to expect from your shopping experience, read more>>