Matt Payne Photography Blog: A Conversation With Brie Stockwell On Setting Goals To Improve Your Landscape Photography

August 19, 2020

Welcome to episode 174 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast.

This week's episode features a photographer new to the scene who has been absorbing as much as she possible can in 2020 to become a better photographer - Brie Stockwell.

Brie challenged herself with what she calls an "impossible goal" to exhibit 10 of her best images in 2020 (what a year to pick). Through this challenge, Brie has learned a lot about herself which has opened several doors in her life.

Brie and I discuss some interesting topics, including:

  • Brie's impossible goal to exhibit 10 of her best images in 2020,
  • Setting goals and the mindset needed to complete them,
  • Other benefits to goal setting for both her and I in our lives as photographers,
  • Learning photography, what has worked,
  • The role of encouragement in landscape photography,
  • ... and more!

Over on Patreon this week, Brie and I discuss the role of life coaching, what she is gaining from it, and how you might benefit from it as well as a photographer.

I hope you enjoy our conversations!

Here are the people that Brie recommended for the podcast:

1. Brooke Castillo.

2. George McCane.

Other items mentioned on the show:

1. Newfoundland 2021 Workshop with Dani Lefrancois.

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Thanks for stopping in, collaborating with us, and listening. See you next week.

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Here is a transcript to this week's episode:

canyon, red rocks, trees
creek, sunrise