Matt Payne Photography Blog: A Conversation With Ethan Deshaies On The F-Stop Collaborate And Listen Podcast

June 24, 2020

Welcome to episode 166 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast.

This week's episode features an "up-and-comer" named Ethan Deshaies. Ethan is a 20-year-old college student studying abroad in New Zealand (lucky!) and has some fresh perspectives on photography as an art-form. I think this episode is a nice compare and contrast with the ones we have done with more well-established photographers that have been around since before the digital revolution in photography.

Ethan and I discuss some interesting topics, including:

  • What makes a photograph good or bad?
  • Concrete definitions of good and bad as it relates to art.
  • Dimension, Depth, and Intrinsic Beauty.
  • Defining art.
  • ... and much, much more

I hope you enjoy our conversation!

Here are the people that Ethan recommended for the podcast:

1. Jeff Lewis.

2. Rob Visser.

Other items mentioned on the show:

1. Richard Wong's contact for his article idea, based on his 10-year old article.

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Thanks for stopping in, collaborating with us, and listening. See you next week.

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Find a transcription of today's podcast below: