Matt Payne Photography Blog: Balancing Professional Photography With A Full-Time Job - A Conversation With Felix Inden

August 26, 2020

Welcome to episode 175 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast.

This week's episode features a photographer from Germany. His multi-cultural background and laid-back attitude lend to a fantastic body of amazing imagery.

Welcome Felix Inden to the show.

Felix was born in Spain, raised in Chile and Germany, and has a healthy obsession with photographing above the arctic circle. Felix also has a massive following on Instagram, where he showcases his wonderful photography from those places.
Felix and I discuss some interesting topics, including:

  • How he got his start in landscape photography,
  • Balancing a full-time job with part-time professional photography,
  • Stories of photographing above the arctic circle in Lofoten, the Faroe Islands, etc.,
  • His views and thoughts as an international photographer,
  • Global Elite Photographer
  • Building his following on Instagram,
  • ... and more!

Over on Patreon this week, Felix and I talk about the challenges and rewards of creating video content for a new YouTube channel.

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I hope you enjoy our conversations!

Here are the people that Felix recommended for the podcast:

1. Kilian Schönberger

2. Tobias Hägg

3. Stian Klo

4. Arild Heitmann

5. Bruno Pisani

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Thanks for stopping in, collaborating with us, and listening. See you next week.

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Here is a transcript to this week's episode: