Matt Payne Photography Blog: Interview With Alexander Otto On F-Stop Collaborate And Listen

December 30, 2017

Welcome to episode 036 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast with Germany-based landscape photographer, Alexander Otto. Alexander Otto has some incredible photography that is well worth checking out when you have a chance. He was really fun to talk to all the way across the Atlantic Ocean and his English is outstanding. I think you're all going to really love this week's episode.

Alexander and I covered some great topics this week, including:

  • How Alex got into Landscape Photography
  • Death Metal Music!
  • Landscape photography as a cultural practice
  • Instagram and the rise in popularity of certain Europe locations

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To learn more about Alex:

His Website



Here are the artists that Alex would like to hear on the podcast:

Alex Nail

Cody Duncan

Jose Ramos

Some examples of Alex's amazing photography can be seen below. 

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