An Exploration of Aerial Australia Abstracts

January 15, 2024  |  Australia

In this week's podcast, I sit down for a conversation with Tania Malkin, a photographer and artist. Tania discusses her journey in photography and the influence of other artistic mediums on her work. She shares the story behind one of her most impactful images and explains her approach to capturing photographs, particularly in aerial photography.

Tania also discusses the importance of pre-visualization and the role of instinct in her image-making process. She highlights the connection between her photography and other art forms, such as painting and ceramics. Additionally, Tania shares practical tips for getting into aerial photography and emphasizes the need to respect and acknowledge the indigenous owners of the land she photographs.

In this conversation, Tania discusses the importance of appreciating the moment and taking the time to truly experience and understand the landscape. She also shares her hope that her photography can evoke an emotive response and promote the conservation of landscapes, regardless of their scale. Tania highlights the need to create awareness through photography and avoid desensitizing people to environmental issues. She talks about her experience as the winner of the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year and her ongoing project called Heaven Flow.

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  1. The process of capturing photographs involves considering the story and purpose behind the image, as well as the use of light and color to guide the viewer's attention.
  2. Aerial photography requires a combination of planning and instinct to capture unique and compelling images from the sky.
  3. Engaging with other artistic mediums can inform and enhance one's approach to photography, particularly in terms of understanding light, color, and composition.
  4. Increasing awareness and respect for the indigenous owners of the land is important in photography, and efforts should be made to acknowledge and share their stories and cultural significance.

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tania malkin
tania malkin
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