Building a Photography Website

August 22, 2022

Building a photography website can be a complicated and time-consuming process and can end up costing you thousands upon thousands of dollars and countless hours of your precious time if you don't do it correctly.

As such, it was great to host a conversation this week on the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast with photography website design expert, Alex Vita.

Alex helps photographers grow their photography business by helping them establish a stellar web presence. He has built over 200 websites for photographers from 25 countries. His clients are pro or semi-pro photographers selling licenses or photo-based products online (prints, calendars, books, workshops, photo tours, etc.).

On this week's episode, we discuss:

  • How Alex got into building websites for photographers,
  • Why photographers should want their own website,
  • What makes for a great photography website,
  • The biggest changes that have impacted photography websites,
  • File sizes and resolutions for photography websites,
  • Tools for image compression,
  • Common mistakes that photographers make on their websites,
  • How to differentiate yourself as a photographer through your website,
  • Tips on Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
  • And a lot more!

Other topics/links discussed on the podcast this week:

Looking for the Website Comparison PDF I created? Look no further!

Here is who Alex recommended on the podcast this week:

Aspen trees adorn a ridgeline at sunrise in the mountains of Colorado in this panoramic fine art print.

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