Interview with Candace Dyar

August 15, 2017

Welcome to episode 017 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast with Washington-based landscape photographer, Candace Dyar. When Candace agreed to be on the podcast, I was quite excited! I've been following her amazing work for years and could not wait to have a conversation with her. Candace was born and raised in Ohio and has had an intense love for the natural world. As a young adult, Candace grew a fondness for the fine arts and went on to attain a degree in Art History. The Hudson River School, and great landscape painter Albert Bierstadt inspired her and she was also drawn to the highly imaginative, dream-like atmospheres from Surrealist artists such as Giorgio de Chirico and Salvador Dali. Her artistic background significantly contributes to her vision as a photographer and it is a goal of hers to portray a “painterly” type of style within her work. Based in Washington State for over a decade, Candace first discovered her passion for photography while venturing out in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. An avid hiker, she constantly yearns to explore new areas while also hoping to provide a unique vision through her photography, and is passionate about photographing the diversity of wilderness areas in their entirety. Her goal as a photographer is to reach viewers on an emotional level, while also spreading awareness of the necessity and vitality of the natural and last true wild places that many either take for granted or might never experience at all.

We covered some really great topics, including conservation, connection to the landscape as a photographer, how photography is a therapeutic tool, what it is like to be a woman landscape photographer, and more. 

I know you'll enjoy this one. As usual, please find some links to various topics we covered below:

  1. The photography of Iron Tazz Scaggs
  2. Yankee Boy Basin

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Candace Dyar - Connection to the Landscape as a Photographer
Candace Dyar - Connection to the Landscape as a Photographer
Candace Dyar - Connection to the Landscape as a Photographer
Candace Dyar - Connection to the Landscape as a Photographer
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