Landscape Photography in the American Southwest

April 17, 2019

Welcome to Episode 104 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast with Charles Zimmerman!
Charles A. Zimmerman (CAZ) is a landscape photographer living in Denver, Colorado - he has been a landscape photographer for many years - he owned his own gallery for 5 years and is an avid visitor of the American Southwest. He is a former lawyer and often finds himself playing devil's advocate on issues relating to landscape photography - something we took full advantage of on the podcast!

One of CAZ's awesome photographs

In this episode of the podcast, we sit down with Charles to talk about some of the most important topics of our time as photographers, and Charles offers some different perspectives than what you are used to hearing here on the podcast, so I highly recommend you listen! We talked about:

  • Location overcrowding (and how it may be a positive thing)
  • How to find "secret" places
  • Photographing icons and comp stomping
  • Workshops - how to find a good one and what to expect
  • Advice for photographers

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This week on Patreon, Charles and I talk about his experience setting up a small business, mistakes he made in running his own gallery (and how you can learn from them), and a lot more.

Last week I announced that we are doing a weekly photo theme for patrons of the podcast. The idea is simple - patrons submit their photographs based on the theme of the week and I pick my favorite submission and talk about it on the podcast and on Patreon. We'll try this out and see if people like it! Last week's theme was "Trees in Spring" - there were several really great submissions from Mark Clafshenkel, James Bokovoy, William Nurse, Ryan Shanahan, Joseph Doherty, Jackson Frishman, and Bruce Couch. This week, my favorite submission was from Joseph Doherty. Here is what he said: "I shot it this morning at Malibu Creek State Park in California. My previous, nearly identical, image of this was shot in 2016. This tree was in the path of the Woolsey Fire last year, and three weeks ago, when I last visited, I was unsure whether it survived. But today I saw new growth all over the tree, and so I thought that was worth revisiting the photo I shot a few years ago." Thanks Joe! I really loved that this was taken during the week of the theme and there's just something about the photo that evokes a lot of power that I really appreciate. Let's keep the submissions coming!

This week's theme is "Mystery." So get out there and create some art and share it with the group on Patreon!

Here are the photographers that Charles recommended for the podcast:

1. Robert Hitchman.

2. Laurent Martres.

3. Tony Sweet.

4. Adam Schallau.

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Charles Zimmerman - Landscape Photography in the American Southwest
Charles Zimmerman - Landscape Photography in the American Southwest
Charles Zimmerman - Landscape Photography in the American Southwest
Charles Zimmerman - Landscape Photography in the American Southwest
Charles Zimmerman - Landscape Photography in the American Southwest
Charles Zimmerman - Landscape Photography in the American Southwest
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