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Colorado is home to 53 mountains over 14,000 ft. in elevation, known as the Fourteeners (14ers). This collection of fine art nature photography showcases the best and most beautiful Colorado mountain landscape pictures of some of the most remote and unique locations in the state. I have climbed all of the Fourteeners in Colorado, including Capitol Peak near Aspen, Wilson Peak near Telluride, and Mount Sneffels near Ridgway. I’m proud to have produced unique artwork from these journeys and to make these mountain pictures in Colorado available as fine art photography prints.

Mountain Sunrise View from Turret Peak Colorado
It can't be understated how difficult this photograph was to get. It required me to backpack up an incredibly steep trail to a high alpine meadow with all of my camera gear and sleep gear, set-up camp, and then climb up to 13,835 ft. in the dark.

Each piece of art is hand-crafted using the highest quality printing materials available, including Fine Art Acrylic, Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag Paper, and ChromaLuxe Metal. Learn more about my fine art nature prints and what to expect from your shopping experience.

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Discover the Unique Perspective of a Professional Landscape Photographer

I have climbed many of the highest peaks in Colorado with my photography gear in tow. On every trek, I aim to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments that yield stunning compositions you can gaze at for years to come. I especially love shooting the rapidly changing light that cascades over the landscape at sunrise and sunset. I’m also partial to using wide-angle lenses, which provide a grand sense of scale by capturing the vastness of the Colorado mountain landscape below.

If you’re looking for inspiring mountain pictures in Colorado, you’ve come to the right place. My work aims to celebrate the beauty of nature, which I strongly believe we could all use a little more of in our day-to-day lives.

Colorado Mountain Fine Art Landscape Photography

The mountains of Colorado are among some of the most photogenic and majestic peaks in the world. My Colorado mountain pictures include all the most beautiful ranges in Colorado: the San Juan Mountains, The Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the Elk Mountains, and the Collegiate Peaks. In addition to its 53 Fourteeners, Colorado is home to more than 600 mountains over 13,000 feet in elevation (Thirteeners). As someone who has climbed the highest 100 mountains in Colorado, my collection of images is one of the best you'll find.

Rocky Mountain Photography

The Rocky Mountains, or Rockies, are one of my favorite subjects when it comes to landscape photography. Stretching from New Mexico to the northernmost portion of western Canada, the Rockies are the largest mountain system in North America. Of the 100 peaks that make up the Rockies, 78—including the 30 highest—are in Colorado. Some of my absolute favorite mountain pictures in Colorado are of the Rockies, which I encourage you to check out!

San Juan Mountain Photography

The San Juan Mountains refer to a range in the Rockies running from northwestern New Mexico to southeastern Colorado. This area is incredible to shoot because there are so many minerals embedded within the landscape, and the way they reflect the light can be utterly mesmerizing. The mountains also boast majestic peaks and lush meadows full of wildflowers, making for some of the most awe-inspiring images you’ll ever find.

Sangre de Cristo Mountain Photography

The Sangre de Cristo Mountains are the southernmost range of the Rockies. Nestled between northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, they have 10 peaks that fall under the Fourteener category. They also have more than two dozen Thirteener peaks, making them a veritable playground for a landscape photographer like myself.

Sawatch Range Photography

The Sawatch Range, or Saguache Range, includes eight of the 20 highest peaks in the Rockies. It also has the highest peak in the entire Rocky Mountain range at 14,440 feet, which is Mount Elbert. Measuring 100 miles long, this range was named after the Ute word meaning “blue-green color” or “waters of the blue earth,” both of which are reflected in my photos.

Front Range Photography

The Front Range is also part of the Rockies and stretches from the central portion of Colorado to the southeastern area of Wyoming. These peaks essentially define the western boundary of the gateway to the Rocky Mountains. From alpine lakes to cheerful wildflowers, this range offers some of the most beautiful subjects you can photograph in nature.

Elk Mountain Photography

The Elk Mountains encompass one of the more rugged ranges in the Rockies. Running across west-central Colorado, they contain several Fourteeners. A veritable dream for more advanced mountaineers, this range has quite a few challenging climbs. They’re well worth the effort, though, because they also have some of the most breathtaking vistas, especially in the autumn when the leaves are changing.

About Matt Payne Photography

I grew up in Colorado Springs, where my parents impressed upon me a healthy appreciation for the outdoors. Since we weren’t all that well off, our family vacations were no more luxurious than going camping in the mountains, which we did almost every weekend in the summer. In the 1980s, my father, who was an avid climber, took me on his pursuit to climb Colorado’s 100 highest mountains. Along the way, he taught me how to tread lightly and leave no trace, so we could preserve the fragile ecosystem.

Matt Payne Photographing the Colorado Mountains
I fell in love with mountaineering, and I wanted to share the beauty I got to see with the world.

At the age of 6, I climbed my first Fourteener (with a little help from my parents), and from then on, I was hooked. I fell in love with mountaineering, and I wanted to share the beauty I got to see with the world. It wasn’t long before I was lugging photography gear on every trek. Upon realizing I could actually sell fine art nature and landscape photographs, I gave it everything I had.

Since 2017, I have hosted a weekly podcast dedicated to nature photography called "F-Stop Collaborate and Listen." I am also the co-founder of Nature First Photography, an organization that aims to increase ethical awareness in nature photography. Finally, I created the Natural Landscape Photography Awards, which is an international competition that recognizes nature photographers. Over the years, I’ve amassed a sizable collection of work, and it’s all available right here on my site. I sell fine art prints using only the highest quality printing and mounting processes, including Fine Art Acrylic Prints, Fine Art Paper Prints, and ChromaLuxe Metal Prints.

Benefits of Purchasing Matt Payne’s Pictures of Mountains in Colorado

If you’re looking for mountain pictures in Colorado, there’s no shortage of artists or marketplaces to buy from. I’d like to think my work offers a few advantages, though. Here are some of the biggest reasons why you’ll enjoy browsing my galleries:

Stunning Visual Experience

Whenever I shoot the Colorado mountain landscape, I’m always thinking of the final result. For example, I try to get just the right light at the perfect angle to yield a stunning photograph that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Inspiring and Calming Atmosphere

Nature photography in general can promote a more soothing environment, and mountain pictures in particular are especially calming. Looking at images of vast landscapes can inspire creative thought, which may be exactly what you need in your home, office, or business.

Unique Artistic Perspective

Every artist has their own style. I’d like to think my fine art photography is like nothing you’ll find elsewhere because I always shoot with a reverence for the natural environment. Check out my galleries to see for yourself.

Secure Purchasing Process

Buying photo wall art from this site is done securely and safely using PayPal or Stripe. To purchase artwork for sale, simply use the drop-down menu found on each photo’s product page by clicking on the image, choosing the medium and size, and proceeding to the check out. Custom sizes are always available, and discounts are offered for multiple orders.

Replacement Guarantee

If you damage your print and need a replacement because it cannot be salvaged, I am happy to provide one for only the cost of production, no matter how long ago you purchased it. Learn more about my replacement guarantee.

Features of Matt Payne Fine Art Photography

If you’re looking for breathtaking pictures of mountains in Colorado that will enhance your space, I’ve got you covered. My galleries contain a huge selection of images with the following features.

A Wide Range of Themes and Styles

I have photos that will fit any design scheme. In addition to mountain pictures in Colorado, my collections contain images of the lush beaches of Kauai, the majestic Redwoods of Northern California, and the vast expanse that make up the Milky Way. Furthermore, my work is available in square, panorama, horizontal, and vertical formats, as well as in both color and black-and-white.

Framing Options

I don’t typically offer custom framing, but I have what I consider a much better alternative. The best way to display my work and ensure the highest-resolution viewing experience is by printing it on museum-quality paper and then face-mounting it with high-end ⅛” anti-glare acrylic glass. This yields a piece that’s both beautiful and contemporary.

Why I Don’t Offer Limited Edition Prints

The practice of producing “limited edition” prints evolved from the world of fine art printmaking. The original design was carved into a block of wood, stone, or metal, which was then used as a kind of stamp to yield the images that would be sold. Every time the ink was applied, stamped, wiped clean, and then reapplied, minor imperfections were left behind. Consequently, the final result degraded over time. To maintain the integrity of their work, artists would impose limitations on the number of prints they produced from any single carving.

Since photography doesn’t pose the same issues, there’s really no logistical reason to produce “limited edition” prints. Moreover, there is technically nothing stopping the artist from producing more of the alleged “limited edition” prints down the road.

Photographers can certainly get bored of certain images and decide to stop printing them, but I've never wanted to limit prints for the sake of simulated scarcity just so I could charge a higher price.

Cost Comparison for Framed Prints vs. Acrylic or Metal

Framed Prints

Framing prints can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming. The total cost depends on the materials, but it typically starts at a few hundred dollars for a small 12” x 18” print.

Acrylic or Metal Prints

Acrylic and metal prints are ready to display upon arrival. You can hang them the same day you receive them. Moreover, the final result is always jaw-dropping. The colors are crisp and vivid without the potential for glare. But the best part? They’re far more affordable than framed prints. As a strong believer that everyone deserves to decorate their home with beautiful artwork, I strive to make my work as accessible as possible. For reference, here’s a rough comparison of the cost of framed prints versus metal and acrylic prints*:

Cost comparison for framed prints, metal prints, and acrylic prints

*Costs are approximate and based on the assumption that the framed print uses non-glare acrylic with custom matting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What part of Colorado has the most beautiful mountains?

While this is definitely a matter of opinion, a lot of people would agree that the San Juan Mountains are some of the most scenic in the state. Often called the “American Alps,” this range can be photographed from every angle and still yield stunning images.

Where can I buy mountain pictures in Colorado?

I encourage you to buy photograph prints directly from the artists who made them. In addition to supporting creative professionals, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re getting a quality product because artists generally have incredibly high standards for how their work should be displayed.

How should I frame my mountain photos?

I personally think the best way to display my photos is without any frame at all. Instead, I print my photos on acrylic or metal, both of which are ready to display upon arrival. As an added benefit, missing the stark border the frame creates enhances their expansive and majestic imagery.

How much do photography prints cost?

Determining cost is an incredibly personal process for every artist. My belief is that art should be made available to everyone, so I try to offer my work in a variety of mediums to provide options for almost every budget. Factors that influence total cost include the subject matter at hand (i.e., how hard it was to capture and the travel expenses associated with doing so), the size of the print, and the raw materials needed to produce it.