Crossing the Drake Passage with Richard Bernabe

January 29, 2024  |  Antarctica

One of my favorite things about hosting a podcast is that I get to dig a little bit deeper into what motivates some of my favorite photographers. I'm so lucky to be able to sit down with these excellent photographers and discuss their origins, their processes for making images, the numerous challenges they face as creatives, and the inner workings of their minds. As such, it was an absolute pleasure to record this podcast in person with one of my co-instructors at Muench Workshops, Richard Bernabe. Richard is the host of another great podcast, Beyond the Lens, and has been one of my photographic heroes for a long time.

Richard and I recorded this podcast while crossing the tumultuous Drake Passage on a non-stabilized expedition boat, the Polar Pioneer. We were returning from a 21-day voyage to Antarctica, where we were lucky enough to photograph elephant seals, emperor penguins, massive icebergs, and incredible sunsets. If you'd like to see a few of those photographs, please check out the full show notes.

On this week's episode, we discuss:

  • Stories from our 21-day trip to Antarctica on the Polar Pioneer.
  • Our favorite moments from our expedition.
  • How Richard got into nature photography.

  • The challenges of making images as a workshop instructor.
  • The realities of being an introvert and a successful photographer.
  • The importance of ancillary skills to augment our photography as professionals.
  • And a lot more!

Other topics/links discussed on the podcast this week:

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