Matt Payne Photography Blog: Interview With Darwin Wiggett And Samantha Chrysanthou On F-Stop Collaborate And Listen

February 7, 2018

Welcome to episode 042 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast with Alberta Canada-based landscape photographers Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou! I have been really getting into the message that both Darwin and Samantha have been spreading through their photography and efforts with The League magazine relating to ethics in the field. The topic has come up frequently on the podcast and I really wanted to get them on the show to dive deeper into the topic and feel out their perspective.

Samantha and Darwin are the founders and creators of oopoomoo have collectively been involved in photography education for over thirty years. In 2012 the two decided to join forces and meet a glaring need in the photo industry – to create a photography site that teaches original creative expression within a larger framework of what it means to be creative in today’s world. They called this website oopoomoo. According to Sam and Darwin, “we live in a time of unbridled consumption with far-reaching impacts on the planet, our fellow species and our children’s lives. Living the oopoomoo life means pursuing our unique, creative gifts with an awareness of the fact that we all live within a precious and fragile larger community”. As an offshoot of the oopoomoo philosophy Sam and Darwin have created a print outlet for artistic and ethically captured landscape photography called League Magazine which promotes excellence in photography and a love of nature as an ethical value. On both oopoomoo and in League, Sam and Darwin feature the stories and images of photographers who undergo the daily heroics necessary to live their best creative and ethical life. Sam and Darwin have received rave reviews for their fun and informative photo seminars, eBooks and eCourses on living the creative life in photography.

We covered some great topics this week, including:

  • Samantha and Darwin's journey into landscape photography and oopoomoo
  • Ethics in nature photography
  • The League Magazine - its purpose and inspiration
  • The tension between various ethical principles
  • Creating images that start conversations

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To learn more about Samantha and Darwin:



Here is the artist that they would like to hear on the podcast:

Freeman Patterson

Some examples of their photography can be seen below.

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Darwin Wiggett, Natural Moments Photography, color, colour, photography,
North Saskatchewan River, Kootenay Plains, Alberta, Canada
Aspen trees, Kooteny Plains, Alberta, Canada
North Saskatchewan River, Kootenay Plains, Alberta, Canada
Chrysalizz Photography, Samantha Chrysanthou, image, photo, photograph, photography,
Snow storm at Cottonwood Slough, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada
Kicking Horse River from the Natural Bridge, Yoho National Park, BC, Canada