Matt Payne Photography Blog: Photographing Japanese Gardens With David Cobb

July 17, 2019

Welcome to Episode 117 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast. This week features an absolute legend in the landscape photography business - David Cobb. David is a photographer living in Oregon and is a founding member of the Photo Cascadia Team.David and I covered a lot of fun ground this week, including:

  • His journey as a landscape photographer.
  • Photographing Japanese Gardens (and David's book on it).
  • Long distance through-hiking as a landscape photographer.
  • Photo location sharing and David's excellent blog post about it.
  • The role of the workshop leader.

Over on Patreon, David and I talk about the origins and vision for Photo Cascadia.

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    Here are the photographers that David recommended for the podcast:

    1. The Photo Cascadia Team.

    2. Jack Dykinga.

    3. Christian Heeb (American site) (Germany).

    4. Brian David Griffith.

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