Matt Payne Photography Blog: Exploring Arizona With Joel Hazelton

July 25, 2022  |  Arizona

I have a deep respect for photographers who set out to do their own thing unabashedly. One such photographer is Joel Hazelton, who is widely known by his fellow Arizona landscape photographers as having one of the most prolific and unique Arizona portfolios around. As such, I was truly honored to host Joel on the podcast this week to discuss his journey into landscape photography and his approach for creating his unique images.

On this week's episode, we discuss:

  • Joel's passion for the State of Arizona,
  • Joel's drive to get his work published in Arizona Highways Magazine,
  • Joel's favorite excursions into Arizona's backcountry,
  • Joel's methods for creating unique images,
  • The challenges and rewards of pre-visualization and planning,
  • And a lot more!
An intense sunset over the rhyolite hoodoos of Echo Canyon, Chiricahua National Monument. Captured from the edge of a grotto along the Echo Canyon Trail.

Other topics discussed on the podcast this week:

The setting sun punctuates a view of healthy saguaro cactuses and blooming brittlebush along the slopes of upper LaBarge canyon, captured from Red Tanks Trail, Superstition Wilderness.

Here is who Joel recommended on the podcast this week:

A waterfall unoficially known as "Supai Falls" flows into a picturesque sandstone canyon in the rugged middle section of West Clear Creek.

If you enjoyed the conversation with Joel, you can find our bonus recording over on Patreon where we discuss the linkage between software engineering and photography, and Joel shares some stories from the field.

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