The History of Lightroom and Photoshop

July 11, 2022

I personally think that knowledge about the history of our craft as photographers can be quite useful, if not fun to learn about. As such, it was really quite a blast to chat with this week's guest on my podcast, Jeff Schewe.

Iceberg in the Iceberg Graveyard, Antarctica
Iceberg graveyard near Pléneau Island in the Antarctic Peninsula.

Jeff was instrumental in the development of both Photoshop and Lightroom and is filled with knowledge about the history of how these two programs were developed. We had a great time talking about this and Jeff really knows his stuff, so I hope you have fun listening!

On this week's episode, we discuss:

  • Jeff's journey into photography,
  • Jeff's perspective on photography as someone who has been doing it since before most of us were born,
  • Jeff's commercial and advertising work,
  • The history of Lightroom and Photoshop,
  • Jeff's recent foray into Fine Art Photography,
  • And a lot more!
Globe Hands
This was the image I demoed at a Sybil Conference that lead Mark Hamburg to engineer the History feature of Photoshop.

Other topics discussed on the podcast this week:

Kitchen on a Cutting Block
This was my first digital montage of two 8x10 chromes. Digital imaging by Digital Technologies, Inc. of Houston.

Here is who Jeff recommended on the podcast this week:

Windows in Walls
This was the image that was in Communication Arts Photo annual and ended up in the History of Advertising Photography by Robert A. Sobieszek and in the George Eastman House Permanent Collection.

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Lookout near Independence Pass, Colorado

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