Matt Payne Photography Blog: The Journey Of The New Photographer

May 23, 2022

The journey of a new photographer can take many paths, but it is in our early years that the foundation is developed and the direction of our work begins. As such, I had an awesome time talking with these week's guest on episode 266 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast about his journey as a new landscape photographer.

I was joined by a photographer who is relatively new to photography who has impressed me quite a bit in the way he openly and passionately talks about the craft from his position of being an amateur - Devin Rogers.

Devin hails from Temecula, California and it has become apparent to me that he has a deep passion for the outdoors and that he will be a name we will be keeping an eye on for a long time. We had a great chat this week and I think you'll enjoy where we take the conversation.

On this week's episode, we also discuss:

  • How Devin has approached his development as a new photographer,
  • Devin's thought process about the concept of art and photography,
  • How Devin looks at his own work and other photographers' work through the lens of art,
  • How Devin has approached developing his processing skills,
  • The types of images that Devin enjoys creating,
  • Why Devin feels inspired to make images that represent reality,
  • Devin's approach to balancing full-time work with his passion for photography,
  • And a lot more!

Other topics discussed on the podcast this week:

Here is who Devin recommended on the podcast this week:

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Scroll down to see more of Devin's excellent photographs!