Balancing Photography as a Physician

October 30, 2019

Welcome to Episode 132 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast. This week's episode features a nature and landscape photographer living in Seattle, Washington - Mahesh Thapa. Mahesh is a Pediatric Radiologist and is known as "The Starving Photographer." He is a Sony Alpha Ambassador and has been an active photographer for over 20 years.
Mahesh and I explored several interesting topics this week, including:

  • How he got into photography.
  • The overlap and parallels between landscape photography and radiology.
  • Managing a busy schedule as a father, photographer, and physician.
  • What motivates him as a photographer.
  • His relationship with Sony and other brands.
  • and... Instagram!

On the podcast introduction, I told you about one of our patrons, Gary Randall.

You might remember Gary from episode 37 and from episode 63 - he is a fantastic photographer and human being. Here on the podcast we are all about supporting each other as photographers through collaboration. Gary has been a huge supporter of the podcast for a long time and I encourage you to support him. He actually just announced his 2020 Kenai Peninsula Alaska Photography Tour - which will be August 9th through the 15th. I can promise if you go with Gary you will have an amazing time.

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Here are the photographers that Mahesh recommended for the podcast:

1. Eric Ward.

2. Rishi Sanyal.

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Please find a transcript of today's podcast episode below:

Mahesh Thapa - Balancing Photography and Life as a Physician
Mahesh Thapa - Balancing Photography and Life as a Physician
Mahesh Thapa - Balancing Photography and Life as a Physician
Mahesh Thapa - Balancing Photography and Life as a Physician
Mahesh Thapa - Balancing Photography and Life as a Physician
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