Fine Art Printmaking with Mark Metternich

January 23, 2019

Welcome to Episode 092 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast with Mark Metternich!

Mark Metternich returns to the podcast to talk all about fine art printmaking, including his tips for color management, field techniques, sharpening, up-sizing, and more. Over on Patreon this week we had a great in depth conversation about printing your work and the tough decisions we have to make in regards to the fine art market.

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Here is the information for this week's sponsors for the podcast. First, let me tell you about ARC Panel. Every photographer processes images, be it a light touch to ensure image matches reality or heavy artistic post-proceessing.

I personally process mostly with luminosity masks. You can build them manually, which is slow and prone to errors. Or, you can use luminosity masking panels.

Let me introduce our new sponsor of the show – ARCPanel, created by one of the podcast's listeners and Patreon supporters, Anton Averin.

Built by a landscape photographer and software developer, it focuses on simplicity and speed. I tried it myself and I found ARCPanel to be the fastest and most intuitive panel out there.

ARCPanel provides 16-bit luminosity and saturation masks for lights, darks, midtones and zones, with options to refine and apply them to any kind of adjustment layer. There is also a free extra tab with Frequency Separation, Orton Effect and Dodge/Burn.

ARCPanel has a free trial so you could try it before buying, and Patreon supporters of the podcast get a special discount.

Try it on, website has full features description and growing list of tutorials.

All right, next up, I wanted to take a moment to re-introduce one of my favorite websites to listeners - Nature Photographer's Network or NPN. If you're like me, you're tired of the empty comments and the rat race for likes on social media. You find yourself craving a bit more from your landscape photography experience. You want to share your work and have it truly appreciated for what it is. Maybe you want to get really in-depth and helpful critique on your images from some of the world's best photographers. NPN is where you need to go. Not only does NPN have an incredible community of like-minded photographers, it has one of the most useful, helpful, and genuine critique forums around. I have learned so much and have improved quite a bit by posting my images there and absorbing the feedback from other users on my images and other folks' images. Additionally, NPN has hired some of the best nature photography writers in the industry, including many former guests of the podcast like Guy Tal, Charlotte Gibb, Sarah Marino, and Eric Bennett to name a few. These writers are creating exclusive content for the community on NPN which is both inspirational and action-oriented. It will improve your photography. Check it out - head on over to

To learn more about Mark, check him out:



Here are the photographers that Mark recommended for the podcast:

1. Ken Duncan.

2. Christopher Burkett.

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Mark Metternich Returns - Fine Art Printing
Mark Metternich Returns - Fine Art Printing
Mark Metternich Returns - Fine Art Printing
Mark Metternich Returns - Fine Art Printing
Mark Metternich Returns - Fine Art Printing
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