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Shimoda Action X50 Camera Backpack Review
March 16, 2023  |  United States
The Best Camera Backpack Money Can Buy

Updated on 3/17/22 - I still love this backpack and it is my daily bag plus the one I use for almost all of my backpacking adventures into the Colorado backcountry...

Sony Mirrorless for Backpacking

A great deal of my landscape photography is conducted on long backpacking trips into the mountains of Colorado. As such, in late 2016, I made a conscious and well-calculated decision after months of research and spreadsheet manipulation to switch from Nikon F-mount system to Sony FE-mount system...

Recommended night photography equipment for Nikon photographers

The question I get asked the most when people view my night photography is what kind of gear I use. I also receive many messages from folks asking for recommendations on what kind of camera and lenses they should invest money in...