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Here you will find a selection of articles, inspirational stories, tutorials, product reviews, trip reports, and other thoughts relating to landscape and nature photography, including show notes for my photography podcast. If you have any questions please do reach out. Thank you for your interest in my photography artwork.

Landscape Photography Conservation Award Winner
January 22, 2020

I am really happy to announce the winner of our inaugural "F-Stop Collaborate and Listen" podcast Landscape Conservation Award!

The Award

The goal of this award was to recognize an individual photographer who is highly involved in conservation issues within their local communities or within the landscape and nature photography community...

Nature First - Principle #2
April 23, 2019

Yesterday I introduced you to the Nature First Photography Alliance - a project I have been involved in for about two years now. Nature Photographers have been growing restless and upset over the past several years by how people are treating the natural world we all love to photograph...

Introducing the Nature First Photography Alliance
April 22, 2019

Anyone who has been a nature photographer longer than ten minutes has probably noticed that a lot of the locations we cherish and love to photograph are under attack. Trash and litter adorn the trails...