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Here you will find a selection of articles, inspirational stories, tutorials, product reviews, trip reports, and other thoughts relating to landscape and nature photography, including show notes for my photography podcast. If you have any questions please do reach out. Thank you for your interest in my photography artwork.

Fine Art America: What It Is and What It Isn’t
February 24, 2023  |  United States
What Is Fine Art America?

Fine Art America (FAA) is an online store that bills itself as an art marketplace. Representing hundreds of thousands of solo artists and iconic brands, FAA sells millions of on-demand prints on wall art, home decor pieces, and other gimmicky products...

Lying About Landscape Photography
March 9, 2022

Editing of photography is as old as the artform itself and is widely accepted as a means of artistic expression. The topic has almost always been at the forefront of any conversations about photography's legitimacy as an art form since I can remember...