Matt Payne Photography Blog: Mentorship - A Conversation With Colin Sillerud

June 20, 2022

Mentorship can be an important aspect to facilitate growth in nature photography. What kinds of workshops we choose to attend and the type of photographer we choose to learn from can also be instrumental in our growth process in photography.

This week on the podcast, I was joined by Colin Sillerud, a photographer living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have enjoyed Colin's photography for a long time so it was great to get to talk to him on the podcast. I've always found him to be very engaging, thoughtful, and kind. On today's show, we discuss the role of mentors in our photographic journey, approaches to teaching workshops, and so much more. So grab yourself a cup of coffee, a beer, or a nice wine, and enjoy the show.

On this week's episode, we also discuss:

  • Colin's journey into photography,
  • The role that mentorship played in Colin's development,
  • Colin's relationship with his father and how that impacted his photography,
  • Colin's approach to teaching workshops,
  • And a lot more!

Other topics discussed on the podcast this week:

Here is who Colin recommended on the podcast this week:

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