Metal Wall Art


Metal wall art is becoming a very popular decor choice for those looking for modern, crisp, and contemporary fine art without the exorbitant costs often associated with large wall art found in galleries. While producing this metal wall art is not inexpensive, it is usually much less expensive than large acrylic prints or framed fine art prints that utilize fancy Italian wood frames. Even though the price of this style of presentation is lower, it still can impress and inspire viewers of the wall art, especially when incredibly unique or personally-expressive fine art photography is printed on it. Indeed, my Chromaluxe metal wall art prints are a very popular choice among art buyers and collectors because they often hit the sweet spot between quality and value while embodying elegance and showing contemporary style.

Metal Wall Art featuring fallen yellow, green, and red aspen leaves in a pool of water near Telluride, Colorado.
The bright colors and simple elegance of fallen aspen leaves makes this fine art photo a perfect match for metal wall art. Shop for similar metal wall art prints in Matt's intimate fall & autumn collection.

Why Shop for Metal Wall Art?

Metal wall art is a great choice for those looking to spruce up their walls. Large metal wall art prints are durable, UV-resistant, and always impress viewers upon first examination. Paper prints can fade without the proper acrylic-facing. Canvas prints can easily be torn and can only be printed up to 200 DPI, leaving a lot to be desired when it comes to sharpness and color fidelity. Metal wall art is more vibrant and lasts longer than traditional fine art photography mediums while remaining vastly more affordable. Most photographers choose to only sell loose prints of their work at a lower price point; however, these prints are almost never ready to be hung, let alone framed, adding significant overall cost to your purchase. My metal wall art prints are shipped to you for free and are ready to hang upon arrival, reducing your overall cost to improve your walls!

Metal Wall Art featuring yellow paintbrush wildflowers found at 13,000 feet near Silverton, Colorado in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado at sunset.
Fine art photography prints as metal wall art are well-suited for vibrant and colorful mountain and wildflower scenes like this one from Matt Payne's Colorado Mountain collection.

Everyone Prints Metal Wall Art - What Makes Yours any Better?

Metal wall art has become a very popular medium sold by photographers all over the world, often for dirt-cheap prices. Unfortunately, a lot of photographers are not accustomed to printing their fine art photo prints on metal and have not mastered the minutiae and detail required to fully take advantage of this print medium. Metal wall art tends to accentuate darks and shadows while increasing saturation, so care and experience are needed to get these prints looking just the way you see them here. This is why I have partnered with a custom fine art print lab and test every print before it is shipped for free to my customers. While this adds time and cost for me, the artist, I feel that it is an important step to ensure that you get metal wall art that meets your expectations. This experience came at my own expense through a lot of trial and error and failure. Most metal wall art buyers shopping for prints online are doing so with places like Amazon, Etsy, or photographers that utilize print-on-demand websites like Fine Art America where photos are churned out without any quality control or attention to detail, so buyers should be aware. I would encourage them to shop with confidence with an artist that values customer service and wants full control over the metal wall art print-making process.

Metal Wall Art featuring a hillside of yellow and gold aspen trees near Aspen, Colorado featuring a snow capped Capitol Peak after a clearing storm in the Elk Mountains of Colorado.
Vibrant yellow aspen trees, snow-capped Colorado mountains, and a dramatic blue sky make this photo a great candidate for metal wall art for your home. Shop for metal wall art like this fine art photo print in Matt Payne's best selling prints collection.

Why is Metal Wall Art a Good Decor Choice?

Making significant improvements to your home's decor is no easy task. Often as busy home owners we rush to the easiest solution possible by shopping with big brands like Amazon or taking a trip to our local furniture store to purchase generic non-original metal wall art that is made from cheap materials and is mass-produced. While metal wall art is a wonderful decor choice due to its lower production costs and long-lasting properties, what separates good metal wall art from bad is the process of working directly with an artist with a good reputation and experience printing unique large wall art for many customers. I pride myself in only suggesting metal wall art to my clients and customers when it makes sense for their space, and only in the sizes that they can both afford and that make visual sense for their space. This is why I offer free art consultation for any buyer of my metal wall art - I want you to feel comfortable before buying so that you know you've made the best choice in selecting high quality and unique work to improve your home's decor.

Golden light reflected on a mountain stream in fall near Telluride
I bet you've never seen anything like this metal wall art print in Ikea or TJ Maxx! These fallen Colorado leaves were photographed with precision and artistry and make for an incredible metal wall art choice to improve your home décor.

What if I don't like Metal Wall Art?

Hey, I totally get it, metal wall art isn't for everyone. Some people prefer the look and feel of classic paper fine art prints or more contemporary acrylic prints. I think there is a use case for all of these mediums and depending on what the light is like in your home, metal wall art might not be the right choice. Indeed, how you choose to light your fine art prints is an important variable to consider before buying a large print for your home. Regardless of what your preferences are or if you have no idea, it's totally all good because I am here to answer any questions you might have about buying metal wall art for your home or office. Feel free to reach out directly and let's have a chat about what your goals are for buying metal wall art and hopefully we can find something really special that will last a lifetime and remind you about how amazing nature is. Thanks for reading!

Metal Wall Art featuring a magical wind storm blowing sand at some beautiful dunes in Death Valley National Park.
Unique and personally-expressive prints like this sand dune photo from Death Valley make for excellent metal wall art to spruce up the colors in your home. Shop for unique metal wall art from many locations in Matt's by location gallery collections.
Metal Wall Art featuring a panoramic print of the West Elk Mountains and the Maroon Bells of Colorado at sunrise showcasing fall color, aspen trees, and fog.
Since metal wall art can be printed at nearly any custom size, panoramic fine art photography prints like this one from Colorado in fall make for an excellent choice when you are looking to add color to a unique place in your home. Shop for fine art panoramic metal wall art today!
Metal Wall Art featuring Chair Mountain and vibrant yellow aspen trees at sunset in fall near McClure Pass / Carbondale / Redstone in the West Elk Mountains of Colorado.
The colors of fall in Colorado are one of my favorite subjects to photograph because they make such amazing metal wall art prints. Discover even more Colorado fine art autumn & fall prints by shopping Matt's gallery.
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