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February 19, 2023  |  United States

What is it about a mountain that makes it such a wonderful subject for home décor? For starters, mountains symbolize a great many things, and can act as powerful metaphors. Mountains symbolize overcoming an obstacle in life, a spiritual awakening or uprising, immovable strength and stability, and of course, greatness. Mountain wall art can transform a space and interject concepts and ideas into your living room, including adventure, protection, conquest, the power of nature, escaping from the mundane, freedom, and spirituality and closeness with a higher power.

Luxury grey living room with mountain wall art including wildflowers.
Luxury grey living room with mountain wall art including wildflowers.

Living Room Wall Art

The living room is one of the best locations for wall décor due to the typical large sizes that living rooms have as well as how they are used as a central gathering place for friends and family. The living rooms in luxury homes are typically quite spacious, and without high quality large wall art, they can feel empty, lonely, and uninviting. Choosing mountain wall art for your home is can be an overwhelming process, with so many cookie-cutter options available online with retailers such as Etsy and Fine Art America; however, when you work directly with an artist such as myself, you can rest assured you will get personalized attention and unique artwork for your living room.

Luxury living room decor including with mountain wall art.
Luxury living room décor including with mountain wall art.

Living Room Wall Décor

Mountains make for one of the most superb choices for living room wall décor and luxury wall art due to the way that high resolution pictures of mountains can be used to create very large wall art that injects a sense of power, wonder, and awe into the living room. These are all qualities that make mountains incredible subjects for your living room space. For me, mountains take me back to the adventures I had growing up, they take me back out into nature while removing the stress of daily life, and they can instill within the viewer a sense of calm, peace, and tranquility. With how stressful our lives have become, we can all use more nature in our lives, and by hanging art fine art prints in your living room, you can escape into nature and find solace. Lastly, mountain wall art can have a positive impact on your mental and physical health!

Bright living room with mountain wall art.
Bright living room with mountain wall art.

Luxury Wall Art of Mountains

Let's face it - you've invested a lot of your hard-earned money into building or buying your dream luxury home. By investing in large wall art, you can take your living room to the next level. The luxury living room demands the finest artwork, and mountain wall art is one of the most solid choices to meet those demands. Your luxury home is a unique expression of you, so why not choose mountain wall art that is also unique? My mountain wall art is created from my adventures of climbing the highest 100 mountains in Colorado and is as unique as your incredible luxury home. I hope you can appreciate the hard work that went into capturing these fine art pictures of mountains and can visualize them occupying your beautiful living room wall. I can even help you with a free art consultation for your home if that helps you to see this mountain wall art come to life.

Living room with blue mountain wall art from Colorado.
Living room with blue mountain wall art from Colorado.

Choosing Mountain Wall Decor

There is a lot of mountain wall décor online, so it can be hard to narrow down your selection for mountain wall art. The first thing you should evaluate is how the wall art is manufactured. Most online retailers such as Fine Art America and Redbubble simply allow photographers to upload their images to their site where their pictures are sold as cheap products manufactured in China. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether the artist or retailer uses high quality products or has any systems in place for quality control. This is something I pride myself in: I handle each order personally and ensure that it is made to exacting standards so that it lives the test of time for your living room and home. Check out my personal favorite large wall art prints that make for great living room décor.

White living room with yellow couch and mountain wall art
White living room with yellow couch and mountain wall art.

Snowy Mountains Wall Art

Amongst my favorite subjects for living room wall art are snowy mountains. There's nothing quite as majestic as snow-capped mountains. Snow-capped mountains can immediately transform your luxury living room and transport you to a far-away land where you can have visions of high elevation greatness, gratitude for nature, and feel the spirit of adventure. I've had countless clients tell me how my photographs have had a positive impact on their home décor, not just from an aesthetic perspective, but a transformative one that allows you to experience the power of nature through mountain wall art and mountain wall decor. If you like snow as much as me in your mountain wall art, you can search through all of my snow fine art prints.

Living room with large mountain wall art from Colorado.
Living room with large mountain wall art from Colorado. Snowy mountain wall art at its finest.

Colorado Mountain Wall Art

Colorado contains over 500 mountains that are 13,000 feet in elevation. Mountain wall art from Colorado is a perfect choice for the luxury living room due to the grandeur that is commanded through pictures of mountains that are made into fine art prints. As Colorado's premiere fine art landscape photographer of mountains, I can assure you that you will be quite satisfied with the large wall art of mountains that I have for sale here. Not only is my Colorado mountain wall art for sale some of the most unique and captivating, it also is only available in the highest quality materials available on the market, so by buying mountain wall art from this website you will get only the best of the best mountain wall art ever made.

Dark living room decor with mountain wall art from Colorado.
Dark living room decor with mountain wall art from Colorado.

Is Mountain Art a Good Choice for My Living Room?

What makes mountains art? Perhaps to fully understand how mountain wall art works, one needs to study the concept of equivalence made famous by now deceased photographer Alfred Stieglitz. All art might function as an equivalent to someone, sometime, someplace – for example, a viewer may respond to a mountain photograph by recognizing something about themselves. When a photographer presents us with what to them is an equivalent, they are telling us, "I had a feeling about something and here is my metaphor of that feeling." My goal as a photographer and artist is to find and present these metaphors in a way that conjures up a variety of meanings for each viewer. Mountain art can do this exceptionally well because each offers an opportunity for self-examination and broader understanding of the world we live in. If you'd like to see what my customers have to say about my mountain wall art, you can view a selection of customer testimonials.

Luxury living room with panorama mountain wall art from Colorado.
Luxury living room with panorama mountain wall art from Colorado.

Recommended Mountain Wall Art

Below are some of my personal recommendations, or you can peruse my extensive mountain photography gallery.

A beautiful and unique panoramic Colorado scene in fall - a great choice for mountain wall art.
A beautiful and unique panoramic Colorado scene in fall.
Chair Mountain, fog, and vibrant yellow aspen trees in fall near McClure Pass / Carbondale / Redstone in the West Elk Mountains of Colorado.
An classic autumn Colorado scene with fog.
The Needle Mountains with dramatic clouds at sunset as seen in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado near Silverton.
A panorama showcasing mountains and storm clouds at sunset in Colorado.

Red Mountain Wall Art

The color red invokes excitement and emotion. Below you can find some of my best red mountain wall art for sale.

Chimney Rock and Courthouse Mountain at sunset near Ridgway in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.
Colorado high mountain peaks lit up red by sunset light - unique and beautiful red mountain wall art.
Colorado Fall Color Photography Print - 14er Capitol Peak glows red with yellow aspen trees at sunset near Aspen / Carbondale, Colorado in the Elk Mountains.
One of the most impressive mountains in Colorado - Capitol Peak - lit up red by rare sunset light in fall - a beautiful choice for red mountain wall art for your living room!

Blue Mountain Wall Art

The color blue invokes feelings of calm and healing. Here are some of my best blue mountain wall art selections.

Red Mountain near Red Mountain Pass, reflected in a high mountain lake near Silverton, Colorado at sunrise in the San Juan Mountains.
The color blue is one of the best for home décor and living room wall art - here is one of my best fine art prints showcasing blue mountain wall art.
Mountain Wall Art
A blue lake sits below a Colorado mountain deep in the wilderness as seen from above at 13,000 feet. Blue mountain wall art is a perfect choice for white walls.

Purple Mountain Wall Art

Mountain Wall Art
Star trails over the Grenadier mountains of Colorado make for an intriguing purple mountain wall art choice.

Green Mountain Wall Art

Mountain Wall Art
Fields of green wildflowers adorn this mountain valley in Colorado at sunset - an excellent choice for green mountain wall art for your living room decor.

Yellow Mountain Wall Art

Mountain Wall Art
A sea of yellow aspen trees glow from late sunset light in Colorado.

Orange Mountain Wall Art

Mountain Wall Art for Sale
Aspen trees catching the last light of sun at sunset glow orange in this mountain scene from Colorado.

Black and White Mountain Wall Art

A Black and White photograph of Virga in the Mountains of Colorado near Telluride.
Dark clouds dropping rain and virga over mountains near Telluride, Colorado.

Forest Wall Art

If mountain wall art is not what you are looking for, my second favorite choice would be forest wall art. Forests convey a sense of rebirth, regrowth, and tranquility and can transform your living room instantaneously from one of boredom to one of intrigue, mystery, and joy. Forests are a symbol of life and fine art prints can be an excellent way to spruce up your luxury living room with large wall art. Some of my favorite subjects for forest wall art include aspen trees, aspen leaves, and intimate forest scenes with playful light.

A modern living room adorned with unique forest wall art.
A modern living room adorned with unique forest wall art.

Search for Mountain Wall Art

Still can't find something you're looking for as mountain wall art living room décor? You can search for mountain wall art or peruse my thematic online galleries of fine art prints.

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