Photographing the Beauty of Norway

June 5, 2019

Welcome to Episode 111 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast. This week's guest is Norwegian Landscape Photographer, Ole Henrik Skjelstad.

Ole is a math teacher and an incredible landscape photographer most famously known for his photography of a red cabin near his home in Norway. Ole received his first camera as a birthday present in January 2013. His images have been published in various magazines and online magazines.

In this episode of the podcast, Ole and I have a wonderful time meandering through various topics, including what it is like living in Norway, what makes landscape photography fun, how his background in mathematics has translated into his landscape photography work, our thoughts on creativity, whether or not we should be accountable to others as artists, what the heck happened to 500px and is Instagram any better? And we talked about my latest article over on 500px, and a lot more.

This week on Patreon, Ole and I discuss our own answers to the question, "Is landscape photography characterized by elitism and hierarchies?"

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    Here is the photographer that Ole recommended for the podcast:

    1. Dag Ole Nordhaug.

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    I really loved all of the submissions - we have some incredible photographers in our community! In the end I had to pick the photograph from Jesse Brown Nelson from Badlands National Park. There's just something magical about it. Nice work everyone!

    The next theme, which ends June 21st is "Intimate Landscapes" - let's see all of your intimate landscape photographs. And no, I don't mean nudes. One of our patrons, Charlotte Gibb, just posted a great article about these types of photos, so check that out!

    Our next guest is Justin Majeczky. Justin is a videographer and photographer living in the Lake Tahoe area. I'm looking forward to sharing that one with you! We also have some other exciting guests coming up, including David Cobb, Weihao Pan, and a lot more. I'm also looking forward to a panel conversation with Aaron Reed and Colby Brown about marketing and business - they will be fielding listener questions - so keep an eye out for that over on NPN!

    Thanks for stopping in, collaborating with us, and listening. See you next week.

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    Ole Henrick Sjkelstad - Photographing the Beauty of Norway
    Ole Henrick Sjkelstad - Photographing the Beauty of Norway
    Ole Henrick Sjkelstad - Photographing the Beauty of Norway
    Ole Henrick Sjkelstad - Photographing the Beauty of Norway
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