Matt Payne Photography Blog: Interview With Paul Rojas On F-Stop Collaborate And Listen

November 8, 2017

Welcome to episode 026 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast with Ventura, California-based landscape photographer, Paul Rojas. Paul and I met on a photography trip to Hunts Mesa - Monument Valley, AZ back in May, 2017. Paul immediately impressed me as a very well-balanced, intelligent, and thoughtful dude. Then, Paul showed me his photos and I was completely blown away by his talent. I had been following Paul's work for a couple of years, but I apparently had not seen his best work yet because I remember being quite enamored with his work when he showed me it in person. Our interview had some technical challenges (my internet dropped three times), but we made the most of it and hopefully it was not noticeable in the podcast! I really enjoyed my conversation with Paul and I think you will too. 

We covered some really great topics this week, including conservation, allowing the landscape to dictate lens selection, Paul's journey into photography, backpacking, and much more!

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I know you'll enjoy this one. As usual, please find some links to various topics we covered below:

  1. Various backpacking gear, which I have documented about extensively on my mountaineering website's trip reports
  2. Ultralight backpacking book
  3. Paul's favorite lens - the Nikon 24-70 (mid-range zoom)
  4. The photography of Emmanuel Coupe
  5. The writing of Platon Revellis
  6. The photography of Steffen and Isabel Synnatchke
  7. The photography of John Mumaw

To learn more about Paul:



Some examples of his amazing photography can be seen below. Enjoy! Please do rate the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher!

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