Interview with Robert Park

May 9, 2018

Welcome to episode 055 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast with Robert Park from Nevada Art Printers!

It was super awesome to get Robert from Nevada Art Printers to join us on the podcast this week! Shout out to Aaron Reed for helping set it up - I appreciate the collaboration, brother! Have you been curious about printing on Lumachrome or about how to get the most out of your RAW files for large prints? This is the episode for you! Robert and I sat down and covered some great ground, answering several listener questions from the Facebook Group

You can also support the show by making a monthly contribution through Patreon. For as little as $1 - you help pay for the production costs of the podcast, help us improve the podcast, and for $5 / mo and higher, gain access to bonus episodes. Over on Patreon this week, Robert and I had a fabulous conversation on sharpening for large prints - a must listen if you have ever wanted to know more about sharpening. 

To learn more about Robert:

Personal Website

Nevada Art Printers

Here are the artists that Robert would like to hear on the podcast:

1. Aaron Reed

2. Aaron Feinberg

Some examples of Robert's photography can be seen below. 

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Robert Park from Nevada Art Printers - Lumachrome Prints
Robert Park from Nevada Art Printers - Lumachrome Prints
Robert Park from Nevada Art Printers - Lumachrome Prints

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