All About Nightscapes with Royce Bair

January 15, 2020

Welcome to Episode 143 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast. This week's episode features a photographer that probably needs no introduction - Royce Bair. Royce is one of the pioneers of the modern movement of NightScape photography and runs the popular Facebook Group, NightScaper. Royce also organizes and runs the annual NightScape Photography Conference.

Royce and I covered a wide variety of topics this week, including:

  • Learning to say no and the Greg McKeown book, "Essentialism."
  • How Royce got into night photography.
  • Royce's Milky Way NightScapes eBook - Listeners can use discount code TWAN for $5.00 off at check out
  • Our shared authorship of the Secrets from the Stars Kickstarter hardcover book — 8 night photography masterclasses, each written by a world-class, award-winning astrophotographer.
  • 2020 NightScaper Conference in Kanab, Utah - May 20-22. Podcast listeners can use the FSTOP100 Discount Coupon Code for $100.00 off their registration.
  • Nightscape ethics.
  • The importance of dark skies and the work of The International Dark Sky Association.
  • How to make night photography a more creative pursuit.
  • and a lot more...

Over on Patreon this week, Royce and I recorded some bonus material where we talk all about the innovations of the past 10 years that have made night photography more accessible and some concrete techniques to improve your night photography. We also talk about the use of trackers for the night sky, Royce recommends the iOptron SkyTracker Pro Mount or the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer.

Both are about $300. The iOptron is easier to use in his opinion, but the Sky-Watcher will carry a heavier payload, if you decide to use a long telephoto lens for deep sky object tracking.

All right, one quick announcement before we dive in: former guest and Canadian landscape photographer, Dani Lefrancois, has announced a really fun opportunity to photograph the Canadian Rockies in the springtime. Her workshop will get you up close and personal with some incredible subjects in the Banff National Park area and looks to be a really fun adventure.

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Here are the photographers Royce recommended for the podcast:

1. Ryan Smith

2. Jack Fusco

3. Mike Shaw

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Please find a transcript of today's podcast episode below:

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