Photographing Arizona's Dark Skies - Sean Parker

February 20, 2019

Welcome to Episode 096 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast with Sean Parker!

Sean Parker is a professional photographer / time-lapse cinematographer based in Tucson, Arizona. Sean is passionate for capturing the beauty in the universe and specializes in all types of photography. Sean is most passionate about landscape & astrophotography work. Sean has been featured in many publications, commercials, and projects with companies such as: Smithsonian, Discovery, LG, Samsung, Annapurna Films, New York Times, Arizona Highways, and more!

As discussed in the introduction, I'm partnering with podcast patron Jason Matias on the launch of his Art of Selling Art service. If you want to sign up and help out the podcast in return, head on over to the launch page.

We covered some fun topics this week, including:

1. How Sean got his start as a photographer.

2. His favorite aspects of the types of photography he is into.

3. How competition drives us as artists & the pros and cons of it.

4. Working with brands.

5. The realities of being a full-time professional landscape photographer.

6. Location sharing.

7. Time-lapse photography.

8. Night photography composites.

9. His work with LG on their new TV Product launch. Another teaser.

10. Gear! We discussed our kits, and I shared info about a crazy spreadsheet I created.

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This week on Patreon, Sean and I talked about star trails and time-lapse photography.

To learn more about Sean, check him out:



Here are the photographers that Sean recommended for the podcast:

1. Mike Olbinski

2. Jack Fusco

Some examples of Sean's photography can be seen below.

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Sean Parker - Arizona's Dark Skies
Sean Parker - Arizona's Dark Skies
Sean Parker - Arizona's Dark Skies
Sean Parker - Arizona's Dark Skies
Sean Parker - Arizona's Dark Skies
Sean Parker - Arizona's Dark Skies
Sean Parker - Arizona's Dark Skies
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