The Magic of the Aspen Leaf

Unique and Magical Aspen Leaf Portraits

Nearly every year since I started as a photographer, I have embarked on a multi-day journey to photograph one of my favorite subjects here in Colorado - autumn and fall colors. While the popular trend is to go to iconic locations and capture these recognizable locations for fine art prints, I personally think that smaller, more intimate interpretations of fall color can be just as powerful and offer a more refined and unique artistic presentation. One subject that has particularly captivated my heart is the aspen leaf. This gallery is a collection of my absolute best autumn & fall photographs that are focused more on the finer details of aspen leaves from Colorado.

Fine Art Prints of the Aspen Leaf

The advantage of purchasing large fine art prints of the aspen leaf is that they are quite unique and will clearly stand out in your art collection. Every photographer in Colorado has the classic photographs of the Maroon Bells or the Crystal Mill; however, very few offer distinct, unique fine art prints for sale showcasing the smaller scenes of nature that provide context and help to tell the story of fall in Colorado through photos and pictures. My hope is that these smaller scenes inspire my viewers and collectors to learn more about the natural processes at play in fall and autumn in Colorado and by purchasing a ready to hang fine art print from my collection, you can share your love of nature with the world.