Matt Payne Photography Blog: Interview With Wayne Pinkston On F-Stop Collaborate And Listen

September 28, 2017

Welcome to episode 021 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast with Virginia based astro-landscape photographer, Wayne Pinkston. I have been appreciating Wayne's excellent night photography for quite awhile now and thought he would be an excellent guest on the podcast! His images speak for themselves, and Wayne was a great guest. Wayne might be one of the most humble guys I've spoken to. Wayne picked up night photography after seeing the Milky Way on the back of his LCD for the first time on a National Geographic workshop with Stephen Alvarez. His images are absolutely inspiring.

We covered some really great topics!

I know you'll enjoy this one. As usual, please find some links to various topics we covered below:

  1. The photography of Galen Rowell
  2. Low Level Lighting
  3. WorldPix
  4. The photography of Royce Bair
  5. The photography of David Kingham (a former guest on the podcast)
  6. The photography of Brad Goldpaint
  7. The phoography of Michael Goh
  8. The photography of Mark Gee

To learn more about Wayne:


His website


Here's some examples of his amazing photography. Enjoy! Please do rate the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher!

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