What is it Like to Go to Antarctica as a Photographer?

August 7th, 2023  |  Antarctica

For many, a trip to Antarctica is at the top of our bucket lists. For nature and landscape photographers, Antarctica is a dream destination. Images of blizzards, icebergs, penguins, whales, seals, and incredible landscapes are conjured; however, planning a trip there can be quite challenging and daunting. This week on the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast, I sat down with two Muench Workshops Pros, including Richard Bernabe and Marc Muench to talk all about our experiences in getting to and photographing the incredible continent of Antarctica.

Adélie penguin in Antarctica mountain scene.

This Adélie penguin was really fun to watch in this idyllic mountain scene in Antarctica.

Photo © copyright by Matt Payne.

Photo of a Chinstrap Penguin by Richard Bernabe
Photo of a Chinstrap Penguin by Richard Bernabe.

On this week's episode, we discuss:

  • What the experience of Antarctica is like for a nature and landscape photographer.
  • What to expect from a trip to Antarctica.
  • How to get to Antarctica.
  • What it is like to cross the Drake Passage on a boat.
  • How to make good photographs in Antarctica.
  • How to deal with cold weather in Antarctica.
  • What kind of wildlife one can expect while in Antarctica.
  • Pro tips on making the most of your trip to Antarctica.
  • And a lot more!
Sharp Antarctica Peak near the South Shetland Islands.

Shortly after exiting the Drake Passage south of Ushuaia, Argentina, our trip took us through the South Shetland Islands. I was immediately blown away by this mountain, aptly named, "Sharp Peak." It rises just 1,174 ft. above the sea, but is one of the most impressive things I've ever seen!

Photo © copyright by Matt Payne.

Other topics/links discussed on the podcast this week:

A large pod of Humpback Whales at sunset in Antarctica.

A large pod of Humpback Whales was quite the sight to see while on my trip to Antarctica. The sunset light created an amazing lighting opportunity with the whales' blowhole steam.

Photo © copyright by Matt Payne.

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Below you can enjoy a few of my own images I made on my maiden voyage to Antarctica.

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