Curation, Creative Blocks, and Legacy

November 3, 2021

Welcome to episode 237 of F-Stop Collaborate and Listen!

This week on the podcast I was joined by William Neill, Eric Bennett, and Alex Noriega for a casual yet informative conversation that is filled with tidbits of wisdom that I think any landscape and nature photographer can get something out of. The main focus of our conversation was around collaboration and community, central components to the success of Eric Bennett's new book, Conversations with Nature.

On the podcast this week, we discuss:

  • How and why Alex and William got involved in Eric's book project,
  • How to support photographers that you admire,
  • Curation of our photography and the role it plays in standing out,
  • Creative blocks and how to overcome them,
  • Legacy in photography,
  • And a lot more!

Mentioned on the show this week:

  1. William Neill's book.
  2. Eric Bennett's post-processing videos. Use the code "FSTOP20" for 20% off.
  3. Alex Noriega's post-processing videos.
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Please find a transcript of this week's episode below:

Conversations with Nature
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