The Landscapes of New Zealand - William Patino

February 27, 2019

Welcome to Episode 097 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast with William Patino!

First and foremost William is a husband and father, based out of the mountainside town of Te Anau, in the South Island of New Zealand. Originally from Wollongong Australia, in 2012 photography came into his life and completely changed the way he viewed the world. He's since fallen in love with this art and traversed the globe, pursuing rare and illusive moments of atmosphere and light. Since late 2014, he has been working full time as a landscape photographer, hosting his own photography workshops and guiding tours the world over, as well as shooting for various brands and clients.

We covered some fun topics this week, including:

1. How William became a full-time professional photographer.

2. Why William moved to New Zealand.

3. William's passion for the wilderness and how that translates into his work.

4. William's evolving editing style over time.

5. William's approach to tripod-free landscape photography.

6. Mental health and the link with photography.

7. Being a vegetarian as a landscape photographer.

8. Social media stuff.

9. William's awesome Bob Ross impression.

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This week on Patreon, William and I talked about his approach to releasing new work - how and why he does it.

To learn more about William, check him out:



Here is the photographer that William recommended for the podcast:

1. Volcano Pilot

Some examples of William's photography can be seen below.

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William Patino - The Landscapes of New Zealand
William Patino - The Landscapes of New Zealand
William Patino - The Landscapes of New Zealand
William Patino - The Landscapes of New Zealand
William Patino - The Landscapes of New Zealand
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