Camera Gear Selection Tool for Landscape Photography

San Juan Sunrise Panorama (2011)
One of my favorite landscape photographs taken on a brutally long backpacking trip in 2011.

Selecting Camera Gear can be a complicated process for beginner and professional landscape photographers alike. In late 2016 after a brutally difficult backpacking trip with my Full-Frame Nikon set-up, I made the conscious decision to completely switch camera systems with three competing goals in mind - to get the lightest possible gear with the highest quality image-making potential in my budget. As such, I developed this tool to help myself and other landscape photographers make a purchasing decision. I also use this tool regularly to assess my gear set-up for various trips when weight is of importance. You can find my current gear set-up here. I've tried to add as many lenses and cameras as possible and continue to keep it updated. Prices and equipment were last updated on December 16, 2021. Enjoy, and please feel free to leave your feedback below!

P.S. This works best on computer.

The Gear Selection Tool