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Welcome to the podcast where I have amazing conversations the world's best landscape photographers, industry insiders, and more! The format for the podcast is a relaxed but in-depth conversation - we touch on all types of topics relating to landscape photography, including workflow, becoming a professional full-time photographer, social media, conservationism, the business of photography, finding motivation to shoot, and more. If you are a well-established landscape photographer or someone with something interesting to say and are interested in becoming a guest on the podcast, please reach out to me.

The podcast is available on iTunes and on Stitcher as well. You can read more details about each podcast episode, including liner notes, links to topics discussed on the episode, and sample photographs from the artist on my blog posts about each episode. Join the discussion over on Nature Photographer's Network! We have weekly discussions about each episode of the podcast. It's also free! We also have an Instagram page and a Facebook page for updates.


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Here is a full listing of past guests and links to their episodes and bonus episodes on Patreon:

Episode #

Guest Name & Link to Show Notes

Link to Patreon Bonus Episode

200 Episode 200! Guy Tal & Michael Gordon - The History of Landscape Photography


199 Anna Morgan TBD
198 Perri Schelat TBD
197 Jeremy Jackson N/A
196 Dan Cook Exploring Nepal
195 Andy Boenau N/A
194 Kristen Ryan Long Exposures with ND Filters
193 Robb Hirsch Developing Relationships
192 Michelle Bates The Importance of Writing
191 Mattias Sjolund Maintaining a Photography Business with a Full-time Job
190 Gary Crabbe Challenges of Mental Illness in Landscape Photography
189 Ella & Knapp Hudson Overlanding Adventures
188 Photo Cascadia Team N/A
187 Tara Workman How Photography Taught Me to See Beauty
186 Jerry Monkman What Are We Trying to Say With Our Photographs?
185 Juan Pablo De Miguel N/A
184 Remembering Jack Curran N/A
183 Ben Williamson Obsession with Weather
182 Michael Remke N/A
181 Eric Bennett Returns! Finding a Mentor to Improve Your Photography
180 George McCane N/A
179 Nicoli Alexander Interior Designer Answers Listener Questions on Photography
178 Cole Thompson Do You Need to go to Great Locations?
177 Marc Muench Qualities of Excellent Workshop Students
176 Jerad Armijo N/A
175 Felix Inden The Challenges and Rewards of Creating a YouTube Channel
174 Brie Stockwell How Life Coaching Improved My Photography
173 David Brookover N/A
172 Elisabeth Brentano Using Vulnerability for Authentic Engagement
171 William Neill How to Grow as a Photographer
170 Joseph Roybal

Resolution and Printing Workflows

169 Margaret Soraya Being "In the Element"
168 Manuel Palacios

COVID-19 from a scientific perspective

167 Todd Caudle What Makes a Great Photograph?
166 Ethan Deshaies N/A
165 Epic Astro-Landscape Photography Panel Discussion N/A
164 John Barclay Leveraging Communication Skills for Your Photography
163 Nick Carver Creating and Organizing Your Photography Portfolio
162 Drew Armstrong Raising a Transgender Child as a Photographer
161 Christian Fletcher Photographing Wild Light
160 Women in Landscape Photography Panel Discussion How to Handle Man-Splaining
159 Brooks Jensen Open vs. Limited Edition Prints
158 Toni Toreno Women in Landscape Photography
157 Jon Whitaker Finding Your Voice
156 Sarah Lyndsay Leveraging Your Photography Skills during COVID-19
155 Clay Bolt Tips for Macro Photography
154 COVID-19 Panel Discussion N/A
153 Ugo Cei Will the Real Landscape Photography Please Stand Up?
152 Scott Walton Leveraging Workshops for Lifetime Friendship
151 J Henry Fair N/A
150 Brenda Tharp Studying the Masters
149 Alex Burke All about Art Shows with Alex Burke
148 Live from Out of Yosemite Drunk Panel from Out of Yosemite
146 Toby Harriman Toby Harriman on Photo Platforms
145 Michael Strickland Getting Started with Large Format Film Photography
144 Jerry Greer Starting a photography book project
143 Royce Bair Improving your night photography
142 Photography Education & Creativity - Panel N/A
141 Luka Esenko N/A
140 Jonathan Tilley Jonathan Tilley on email marketing and list building
139 Jeff Bartlett Jeff Bartlett on his relationship with Instagram
138 Maria Grace N/A
137 Paul Reiffer Paul Reiffer on why he uses Capture One as his RAW editor
136 Carl van den Boom Carl van den Boom - should you start a photography business?
135 Mandy Lea Mandy Lea - monetization of travel photography
134 Michael Frye Michael Frye on post-processing in Lightroom
133 Dylan Fox Dylan Fox - getting started with drones
132 Mahesh Thapa N/A
131 Brenda Petrella Brenda Petrella on non-iconic nature photography
130 Aaron Nace Aaron Nace on differentiating yourself as an artist
129 Dan Hawk Dan Hawk on balancing business and creativity
128 Franka Gabler Franka Gabler discusses gallery representation and printing
127 Ian Plant Ian Plant answers listener questions
126 Alister Benn Alister Benn - are emotional people more creative?
125 Rachel Jones Ross Rachel Jones Ross on Night Composites
124 Tim Parkin Tim Parkin on his 365 Project and more
123 Christian Heeb N/A
122 Wayne Suggs Wayne talks about rock art
121 Travis Andersen Yellowstone Bear Story
120 Paul Marcellini Paul discusses how he names photos... and more!
119 Weihao Pan Weihao discusses his images that have won him photo contests
118 Taylor Gray Taylor Gray discusses his images from Death Valley
117 David Cobb David Cobb discusses Photo Cascadia
116 Aaron Reed & Colby Brown Aaron & Colby answer listener questions
115 Brandi Mowles N/A
114 David Hunter Discussing his images from Craters of the Moon
113 Nick Selway Printing for Gallery Clients
112 Justin Majeczky How Important Is Gear?
111 Ole Henrick Sjkelstad Is Landscape Photography Full of Elitists?
110 Brian Rueb Balancing Family and Photography
109 Albert Dros Using Reddit to promote your photography
108 Shane McDermott Travelling through Navajo Land as a Landscape Photographer
107 Public Lands Hate You Favorite Interactions on Instagram
106 Max Foster Planning workshops and avoiding pitfalls
105 Isabella Tabacchi Switching to a Medium Format Mirrorless Hasselblad
104 Charles Zimmerman Business and running a gallery
103 Chuck Haney Living In and Photographing Montana
102 Michael Bollino & Paul Bowman Road Trip Stories
101 Brent Hayden Failure and Creativity
100 Special 100th Episode: Roundtable Panel Episode 100 Promotion and Discounts
99 Patricia Davidson Full-time RV travel as a Landscape Photographer
98 Gabriel Eisenband The Influence of Motivation
97 William Patino How to Release New Work
96 Sean Parker Star Trails and Timelapses
95 Andrew Studer Stories from Bhutan
94 Timm Chapman NASA Camera Collection
93 Gavin Hardcastle On our inspirations
92 Mark Metternich returns! Fine Art Printmaking
91 Aaron Feinberg Photographing Burning Man
90 Arka Chatterjee and Copyright Law Contracts and Photography
89 Greg Russell Shooting locally
88 Scott McCook Aerial Photography
87 Thomas Heaton Sharing Thoughts on... everything!
86 Jack Curran Creating Portfolios
85 Ryan Dyar Emotional Connection
84 Deep Sky Astrophotography with Andrew Klinger N/A
83 Adam Mowery Creating a coffee table book
82 Jannick Clausen Shooting local vs. travelling - pros and cons
81 Cody Duncan Photographing the Aurora Borealis
80 Chuck Kimmerle Teaching photography in college
79 Jason Matias Finding your voice
78 Phill Monson Starting your business
77 Nature Photographers Network with David Kingham, Jennifer Renwick, Alex Noriega, and Ron Coscorossa Photography education
76 Charlotte Gibb Charlotte Gibb on print-making
75 David Johnston David Johnston on the future of photography
74 Hans Strand Hans Strand on ecosystems
73 Arpan Das Arpan Das on focus stacking & exposure blending
72 Scotty Perkins Scotty Perkins answers questions from Facebook listeners
71 Erin Babnik & Alex Nail - Post-Processing Debate Workshops and authenticity
70 Sangeeta Dey Sangeeta Dey on authenticity & social media
69 David Nilsen N/A
68 David Hunter & Bridget Fithian Artist in Residency Programs
67 Ben Canales Ben Canales on staying inspired
66 Michael Shainblum Michael Shainblum on capturing lightning
65 Morag Paterson & Ted Leeming Morag Paterson & Ted Leeming on photo projects
64 Rajesh Jyothiswaran Rajesh Jyothiswaran on controversy
63 Matt Payne - Interviewed by Gary Randall Matt Payne on how the podcast is made
62 Erwin Buske Erwin Buske on backpacking
61 Abe Blair Abe Blair on photo contests
60 Mike Mezeul Mike Mezeul on photographing the Hawaii volcanic eruptions
59 Kathleen Clemons Kathleen Clemons on photographing flowers
58 Ben Horne Ben Horne on composition
57 Colby Brown Colby Brown on the past, present, and future of social media
56 Colleen Miniuk-Sperry Colleen Miniuk-Sperry on Shoshin
55 Robert Park from Nevada Art Printers Robert Park on sharpening for large format prints
54 Dave Soldano David Soldano on the power of networking
53 Len Metcalf Len Metcalf on ethics and teaching
52 Sarah Marino & Ron Coscorrosa RV Life with Sarah Marino, Ron Coscorrosa, David Kingham, & Jennifer Renwick
51 Erik Stensland Erik Stensland on owning a gallery
50 Jennifer Khordi Jennifer Khordi on Venmo scandal
49 Adam Gibbs Adam Gibbs on paragliding, rock climbing, and more
48 Miles Morgan Miles Morgan and his experience with online bullying
47 Aaron Meyers Aaron Meyers on social media
46 Barry Sweet from the National Park Service N/A
45 Adam Woodworth "May I Recommend" with Adam Woodworth
44 Mark Handy Mark Handy on Digital Art and Composites
43 Bryan Swan "May I Recommend" with Bryan Swan
42 Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou Ethical Stories from the field
41 Eric Bennett "May I Recommend" with Eric Bennett
40 Alex Nail "May I Recommend" with Alex Nail
39 Willie Huang "May I Recommend" with Willie Huang
38 Randall J. Hodges "May I Recommend" with Randall J. Hodges
37 Gary Randall "May I Recommend" with Gary Randall
36 Alexander Otto "May I Recommend" with Alexander Otto
35 Jack Brauer "May I Recommend" with Jack Brauer
34 Alexandre Deschaumes N/A
33 Nick Page "May I Recommend" with Nick Page
32 Dan Ballard "May I Recommend" with Dan Ballard
31 David Swindler "May I Recommend" with David Swindler
30 Sean Bagshaw "May I Recommend" with Sean Bagshaw
28 + 29 Joshua Cripps "May I Recommend" with Joshua Cripps
27 Sapna Reddy "May I Recommend" with Sapna Reddy
26 Paul Rojas N/A
25 Kane Engelbert N/A
24 Nolan Nitschke N/A
23 Dani Lefrançois N/A
22 TJ Thorne N/A
21 Wayne Pinkston N/A
20 Erez Marom N/A
19 Mike Sanchez N/A
18 Cecil Whitt N/A
17 Candace Dyar N/A
16 Guy Tal N/A
15 Mark Metternich N/A
14 Hillary Younger N/A
13 Dusty Doddridge N/A
12 Alex Noriega N/A
11 David Kingham & Jennifer Renwick N/A
10 David Thompson N/A
9 Chris Williams N/A
8 Zachary Bright N/A
7 Paul Zizka N/A
6 Michael Bollino N/A
5 Mike Taylor N/A
4 Joshua Snow N/A
3 Jon Secord N/A
2 Erin Babnik N/A