Most Valuable Podcast Episodes

Our Executive Producers determine this list of Most Valuable Episodes of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast. Producers who contribute $500, either as a one-time payment or cumulatively over time via PayPal, Venmo, or Patreon, are encouraged to choose the episode they find most valuable and add their name to it as Executive Producer. Each $500 in support awards the producer with an executive producer credit. This amount reflects a significant portion of the cost to produce an episode of F-Stop Collaborate and Listen.

Highest Valued Podcast Episodes of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast

E348: David DuChemin - Focusing on Voice and Vision

Executive Producers (3): Michael Rung, Darren Marshall, Frank Otto Pedersen

E334: Sean Tucker - the Making in the Meaning

Executive Producers (1): Frank Otto Pedersen

E159: Brooks Jensen - Creating Personally Meaningful Landscape Photography

Executive Producers (1): Michael Rung

E164: John Barclay - Discovering the Contemplative Style of Landscape Photography

Executive Producers (1): J Fritz Rumpf

E297: Nick Becker - Unlocking Creativity for Nature Photographers

Executive Producers (1): Adam Bolyard

E248: Printmaking in Landscape Photography - A Panel Conversation

Executive Producers (1): Richard Wong

E163: Nick Carver - Soul-Searching for Personally Meaningful Photographs

Executive Producers (1): Richard Wong

E171: William Neill - Reflecting on 40 Years of Landscape Photography

Executive Producers (1): Mike DiMeola

E200: Guy Tal & Michael Gordon - The History of Landscape Photography

Executive Producers (1): Mike DiMeola

E300: Sigfrido Zimmermann - An Ecologist's Take on Nature Photography

Executive Producers (1): Jon Norris

E344: Thru-hiking the Colorado Trail as a Landscape Photographer

Executive Producers (1): Sarah Marino

E67: Ben Canales - Astro Landscape Photography

Executive Producers (1): Dan Hawk

E48: Miles Morgan - Balancing Work & Landscape Photography

Executive Producers (1): Suzanne Mathia

E215: Camille Seaman - An Indigenous Perspective on Landscape Photography

Executive Producers (1): Erik Stensland

E265: Simon Baxter - Passion for the Woodland

Executive Producers (1): Anton Averin

E302: Joe Cornish

Executive Producers (1): Anton Averin

E258: Mason Cummings / Greg Aplet - Creating Photographs for Conservation Organizations

Executive Producers (1): D Craig Young

E345: Alex Nail - Making a Great Photography Book

Executive Producers (1): D Craig Young

E56: Colleen Miniuk - Creativity as a Visual Artist

Executive Producers (1): Drew Harbaugh

E309: Viktoria Haack - Why Generalists Triumph in Photography

Executive Producers (1): Dani LeFrancois

E204: Dave Morrow - Quitting Social Media | Email Marketing | Backpacking

Executive Producers (1): Jon Whitaker

E307: AI and Photography - A Panel Discussion

Executive Producers (1): Drew Armstrong

E330: Bruce Barnbaum - Five Decades of Landscape Photography

Executive Producers (1): Jacob Buchowski