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Hey there! I'm Matt - I've been a photographer for over a decade. I have a B.A. in Counseling and a M.A. in Clinical Psychology. I've put my listening skills to the test for over five years now as the host of my weekly podcast, F-Stop Collaborate and Listen, where I have learned from hundreds of the world's best business and art minds in the field of photography.

Matt Payne - 1:1 Photography Mentoring

I help run a non-profit and have sold a lot of my prints all over the world. I am passionate about working with other photographers and helping them realize their fullest potential. My goals are to further your craft and help answer your business questions. I want to help set you on a path of growth. Whether you seek 1:1 mentoring for your photography, your business, or your portfolio, I'm here to help you take your art or business to where you dream to go.

Photography Mentoring

We all have to start somewhere and whether you are a novice photographer or a seasoned veteran wanting to gain new perspective, finding a mentor is of critical importance if we are to grow. We all need a little push to help us move our art or business to the next level. Perhaps you feel you have taken your photography as far as you can on your own or you have a goal in mind that you just can't quite figure out how to accomplish. Having a like-minded photographer who is trained in active listening as your mentor will help you achieve your goals. My style of coaching and mentorship is laid back, with your goals at center stage. Whatever is on your mind, I can help you through it. I’ll help you identify strengths and weaknesses, and together we will outline steps to help you move your photography or business to the next level.

How It Works

Step 1: Schedule your time with Matt - this can be one-time or recurring.

Step 2: Pay for your time slot(s).

Step 3: Answer the pre-mentorship questionnaire.

Open Q&A

One hour 1:1 mentoring to help you elevate your photography. Includes a pre-mentoring questionnaire so Matt can be as prepared as possible for your time together. $80 for one hour.

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Let's Edit Together

One hour 1:1 mentoring with Matt to review your current editing style, talk through your editing goals, and then work together to edit images in Lightroom and Photoshop. This time can be used to understand Lightroom workflow, how to choose which images to edit, how to approach an editing workflow, and learning about tools that will make your images stand out. Includes pre-mentoring questionnaire so Matt can be as prepared as possible for your time together. $80 for one hour.

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Business Coaching

Let’s talk about all the business questions that have been on your mind. Business start-up, pricing, marketing, search engine optimization – you name it, and you can talk it through with Matt! This includes a pre-mentoring questionnaire so that he can be as prepared as possible for our time together. $125 for one hour.

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Portfolio Review

Matt will review a gallery of 50 images prior to your time together, and he will provide thorough and constructive feedback for you to review during your time together. Includes 1 hr. of video mentoring and tips to improve your photography. $150 for 1.5 hours.

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