Joel Hazelton

Blooming ocotillo and brittlebush frame a view of the Agua Fria River, photographed from the Black Canyon Trail, about 1 mile south of Black Canyon city and ½ mile west of the I-17. During the second week of this project, my hiking buddies began to insist that I dedicate a trip to the Black Canyon City area due to an epic brittlebush bloom they saw driving home from a hike up north. I was reluctant at first, since my focus was on the rolling green hills of the Dugas Rd area, but after doing some research I realized the Agua Fria ran through this stretch of highway, and I could combine all the elements for a very unique scene. The resultant image is one of my favorites from the project. The Black Canyon Trailhead head near Black Canyon city is a quick drive from the freeway, and the hike to this spot is very easy with a high reward-to-effort ratio during the right time of year.