Lush Naupaka (2018)

Kauai, Hawaii

Lush foliage of the Naupaka plant fill the frame in this intimate fine art landscape photograph taken in Kauai on the beach near Poipu.

There are two varieties of the Naupaka, one growing near the sea called Naupaka Kahakai, the other in the mountain is called Naupaka Kauihiwa. Each bears what appears to be half of a blossom and when placed together, they form a perfect flower.

There are several local Hawaiian legends about these plants. One story tells of two lovers, forever separated by the vengeful wrath of the Volcano Goddess Pele. Pele’s home is believed to be the top of Kilauea on the big Island. Pele had a very beautiful and loving sister named Princess Naupaka who she was jealous of because the people loved her. One day, Princess Naupaka was walking on the beach and noticed a very handsome young man standing in the water. When their eyes met, he smiled and told her his name was Kauai and she fell instantly in love with him. Naupaka went to her sister Pele to ask permission to marry Kauai. Pele told her sister she would go down to the beach the next day to meet this young man and would make her decision then. The next day when Pele saw Kauai, she found him very pleasing and decided she wanted him for herself. Pele told Kauai he had to come live with her. Kauai replied, “I cannot, for I met your sister, Princess Naupaka, the day before and I love her.” Enraged, Pele chased the couple up to the mountain, hurling fiery lava after them. Princess Naupaka, took a blossom from her hair, ripped it in two and gave Kauai half of it. Pele’s other sisters took pity on the young man and transformed him into the Mountain Naupaka, the same blossom Princess Naupaka was wearing in her hair. Pele then turned her vengeance on her sister, chasing her down to the ocean. Once again her sisters intervened and transformed the princess into Beach Naupaka. Both Naupaka plants exist today; one on the shore and the other up on the mountains, each blooming as half flowers. It is said that the lovers can be reunited when the flower of the Naupaka Kuaihiwi and the Naupaka Kahakai are joined together after they have been picked.

Photo © copyright by Matt Payne.

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Acrylic Fine Art Masterpiece

Acrylic Fine Art Masterpiece

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Lush Naupaka (2018) print

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Lush Naupaka (2018) print

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