Patience and Time (2016)

San Juan Mountains, Colorado

In August of 2016, I set off to climb two of Colorado's most difficult mountains, Pigeon Peak and Turret Peak. The Durango-Silverton Narrow Guage train dropped me off next to the Animas River at 9,500 feet and I set-off up the steep Ruby Lake trail. I ended up setting up camp below Pigeon Peak but opted not to sleep. Instead, I climbed to the saddle between Pigeon and Turret and photographed the Perseid Meteor Shower. 36 hours without sleep and this was my reward - witnessing one of the most magical sunrises ever from the summit of 13,835 ft. Turret Peak - marking the 88th mountain out of Colorado's highest 100 that I have climbed at the time this photo was taken (I've since climbed all 100). The sun rose so brightly behind Jagged Mountain and Rio Grand Pyramid that I thought for sure I had fallen asleep and began to dream. Discernible rays of light spread out from behind Jagged and lit the clouds a crimson and purple combination, which I can only describe as surreal and scintillating. A literal sea of mountains including 13ers Arrow Peak, Vestal Peak, Animas Mountain, Monitor Peak, and Trinity Peak adorn the horizon. This may be the best way to view the Needle and Grenadier Mountain Ranges. 

It can't be understated how difficult this photograph was to get. It required me to backpack up an incredibly steep trail to a high alpine meadow with all of my camera gear and sleep gear, set-up camp, and then climb up to 13,835 ft. in the dark. 

Photo © copyright by Matt Payne.
Photo © copyright by Matt Payne.

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Acrylic Fine Art Print - Ready To Hang

Patience and Time (2016) print

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Patience and Time (2016) print

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ChromaLuxe Fine Art Metal Print - Ready To Hang

Patience and Time (2016) print

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