Lightroom & Photoshop Post-Processing Instruction

While I am a strong believer in the notion that execution of an artistic landscape, nightscape, or star trail photograph begins in the field and with the camera, it is undeniable that the final result depends a great deal on mastering the tools available to us in the digital darkroom. Indeed, this is where one begins to develop and refine their vision as a landscape photographer. As Ansel Adams said, "The negative is comparable to the composer's score and the print to its performance." 

As such, I'm proud to offer Lightroom and Photoshop post-processing instruction for all skill levels via Zoom or Skype. My method of instruction is a little different than others though - I want to learn first what you hope to achieve with your images and post-processing and then I customize my approach based on what you hope to accomplish. 

What to Expect

Prior to our session, I'll ask you some questions to find out where your abilities are at and to learn more about what you hope to gain from our time together so I can tailor my instruction to your needs. We will be sharing our screens so that we can both see not only what I'm doing but also so I can see your images. My hope is not that you learn to copy my workflow; rather, my hope is that you learn tips and tricks to refine your own workflow and represent your artwork in your own personal style. We will use an image of yours and one of mine, to help you learn a variety of skills. I'm also happy to give a detailed critique of your images if you'd like.  

Topics for Instruction

  • Pre-visualization from in the field to the digital darkroom

  • Use of Lightroom as an organization and editing tool

  • RAW editing in Lightroom and preparing the file for export to Photoshop

  • Creating star trails and various editing tricks for artistic renditions

  • Matching the mood and feeling you want to convey through your artwork

  • Helping convey a sense of experience and wonder through your artwork

  • Using layers and layer masks

  • Luminosity masks for color, exposure, and more

  • Focus stacking

  • Blue hour blending

  • Dodging and burning to direct attention to the most important elements of the composition

  • Sharpening for print

  • Tips and tricks for noise reduction

  • And much more!

All you need is Adobe Lightroom Classic or CC (or Adobe Camera RAW), Photoshop CC and Skype or Zoom (with microphone for screen sharing).

If you hope to learn about Luminosity Masking, you will also want to have TK Panel or Arc Panel.

1 Hour Post-Processing Instruction
1 Hour Post-Processing Instruction
2 Hours Post-Processing Instruction
2 Hours Post-Processing Instruction