Matt Payne Photography | San Juan Mountains, Colorado

The San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado are by far my favorite mountains in America. They are the most rugged and extensive mountainous region in the state - an ocean of mountains that extends as far as the eye can see. Some notable San Juan towns are Telluride and Ouray on the northern side, Silverton in the middle, Lake City to the east, and Durango and Pagosa Springs to the south. A massive Wilderness Area, the Weminuche, contains much of the best parts of these mountains and is filled with incredible locations. I'm proud to call this place my home.
San Juan Sunrise PanoramaFull moon over Pigeon and TurretWinter sunrise at Molas LakeBig Blue WildernessSunlight PeakRiseSiderealLenticular Madness over Enginner MountainDwarfing the GrenadiersNeedle Range view from Knife Pointin·fin·i·tes·i·malGrenadier MagicMy Heart Spills into Vestal PeakVestal Basin DawnFrozen Sunrise at Molas PassPatience and TimeTurret Needles at sunsetMarsh MarigoldsLizard Head Peak at SunriseWilson Peak & Alpine Sunflower

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