Grenadier Range

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Remote, rugged, and beautiful, the Grenadiers exemplify the best the San Juan Mountains have to offer. Located between the towns of Durango and Silverton in the Weminuche Wilderness Area, the Grenadiers are some of the most impressive mountains in North America, along with their neighbors, the Needle Mountains. Steep faces and hard quartzite make for the highest concentration of quality rock climbs in the San Juans. The main spine of the Grenadiers runs west to east from Electric Peak, Arrow, Vestal, the Trinities, Storm King Peak, and Mount Silex to The Guardian. Arrow and Vestal Peak are the most celebrated of the Grenadiers. Arrow had for some time been reputed to be the most difficult major mountain in Colorado to climb, a reputation created by its rugged south face, which early climbers felt was the easiest route on the peak. A less-demanding route on the northeast rib has since been established. Vestal’s reputation is largely based upon its eye-catching beauty. Vestal’s north face, Wham Ridge, has to be seen to be believed. Electric Peak, Graystone Peak, Point Pun, and Mount Garfield are some of the least frequently climbed peaks in Colorado. Located on the west end of the Grenadiers, they are the most inaccessible peaks in a remote range. The east end of the main spine is formed by three high thirteen thousand-foot peaks that sport steep north faces: Storm King Peak, Mount Silex, and The Guardian. To the south of Storm King Peak, Peaks Seven, Eight, and Nine connect the Grenadiers to the Needle Mountains. To the north, Peaks One, Two, Three, and White Dome separate the Grenadiers from the Continental Divide.

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